I'm John Hauptman

Sales Consultant,
Web Designer,

and Marketer

About Me

I have spent over 20 years in the Professional Beauty Industry as a Distributor sales Consultant.


Previous to that I spent over 10 years in the Stationery and Business Machine Industry. Not only selling as a Manufacturer's Representative, but also in Purchasing.

I have recently moved into web design and marketing with my wife, and am really enjoying what the new business brings us.

Agency Services

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Sales Consulting

20+ years in one industry has taught me a lot.

Web Design

New websites, website makeovers, sales funnels, resume sites and more!

App Design

You would be amazed the power of owning your own app!

Web Development

SEO optimization, Social Media integration, autobots, e-commerce and more!

Wellness for Everyone!

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